BOOK-IT bikes is our project to improve micro mobility around us for our guests and also for other people living close by.

You would ask, why start a ride sharing service that is app based while being a hospitality company?

We wanted to bridge the gap for our guests since big ride sharing services will never be able to have a significant amount of vehicles close by every property of ours. Nevertheless there is a demand from our guests and the businesses around us and we would love for our guests to be able to make the most of their stay. So we started BOOK-IT bikes. It's not supposed to be a big revenue driver but our contribution to better micro mobility and an improved experience for our guests.
If you are curious about the service and how it works, go through the FAQ and give it a try.


Where do I start and end my ride?

Since we are currently trying to minimize operations overhead, in order to offer you a fairly competitve rental rate, the bikes can just be rented and given back at our properties. You will see the parking zones as green areas in your BOOK-IT bike app. The bike sharing service is aimed at our guests and therefore we are not offering other parking zones. If bikes are left in other areas, we will add penalties to the app. Currently we believe in the trust and goodwill of our guests and community. Also rides can't be ended in other areas.

How do I park my bike during my rental

Simply lock the bike manually by pushing down the bolt inside the lock. If you come back and want to continue your ride, just press the unlock button in the app. The bike will unlock then automatically. There is no need to press Pause in the app. This functionality is currently displayed if we ever add motorized vehicles to the app in order to offer pausing a ride with a reduced rate. For the bikes it's not necessary.

How do I rent a BOOK-IT bike?

Here are the steps:

  1. Install the app: If you are in front of a bike, just scan the QR code and you will be forwarded to your app store, where you can download the app. Otherwise, download the BOOK-IT bikes app in your devices app store. (iOS or Android)
  2. Create an account
  3. Add a payment method
  4. Select a bike and start the ride
How do I report a damage on a bike?

Please tap the three dots in your rental page and then click report. This will open a ticket window that you can use to report an issue.

If its something urgent please contact or call 09131/6101300.